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Manual Removal Guide For Trojans

Nearly all regular computer users know about Trojan horse viruses and their effect on computers. A Trojan virus is basically a virus which gets attached to certain files in your computer and programs downloaded from the internet. Its main characteristic is that once...

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Hacktool Virus Removal Guide

Hacktool viruses are tools specially designed and used by hackers (or unauthorized users) to spread malicious Trojans, worms, siffers and viruses; they gain access to or perform identification of your computer (without your knowledge or consent) and attack your...

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Exploit Virus Removal Guide

Currently ranked as 48th in the world of online malware, an exploit is malicious software that commands to ‘exploit’ any weaknesses (which can be a glitch, a bug or simply design vulnerability) in your computer system or program(s) to carry out some form of malicious...

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