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The Sality Virus Removal Procedure

As a hybrid of various harmful infections, The Sality virus is poses several threats to your system; it is a family of file-infecting viruses that spread by infecting exe and scr files. Furthermore, the virus includes an ‘autorun worm’ component which allows it to...

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Removing The Downadup Virus

First appearing in October 2008 and currently ranked 24th in the world of online malware, the Downadup virus (also known as Conficker, Downup and Kido) is a type of worm (malicious software) that targets the Microsoft Windows operating system by exploiting the...

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The Recycler Virus Removal Guide

As a virus that exploits the ‘autorun’ feature in Windows, the Recycler virus copies the Autotun.inf files onto each of your computer’s drives, regardless of whether they are permanent or removable storage such as memory sticks, USB devices, disk drives or external...

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Manual Removal of Conflicker Virus

The Conficker virus, also referred to as Downadup and Kido, is a fast spreading virus that has put security experts in panic; it has infected approximately 10 million computers thus far and continues to do so by exploiting loopholes in networks, showing little or no...

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