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Win32 Virus Removal Guide

First showing up in 2005, Win32 is a malevolent Trojan virus that modifies files so it can automatically attach itself (as an .exe file) and an image or a fireworks display to your outgoing emails. The Win32 virus is generally considered to be fairly harmless as it...

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Svchost.exe Virus Removal Guide

Known as one of many important system processes in Windows, Svchost.exe is a non-malicious program usually located in C:\Windows\System folder. Svchost.exe is a program that probably arrived on your computer the day you purchased it; it monitors programs, manages DLLs...

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Spyware Removal Guide

Spyware (also known as malware) is a threat to anyone using a computer today; it has now become the single largest problem faced by internet users. Spyware has become so widespread and infectious that its volume far outstrips spam and regular viruses; research...

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