A Qvo6.com Virus Removal Guide

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The Qvo6 virus is a basically a redirecting virus; it refers to the search engine Qvo6.com. It is a notorious browser hijacker that can be used by some add-ons and toolbars which essentially modify your browser’s settings without your consent; the virus changes your browser’s homepage by linking it to Qvo6.com. Although this virus may not necessarily pose a direct threat to your PC, visiting the search engine can expose you to potential threats from other malware websites which can infect your system and corrupt your files. In order to protect your system from other threats, complete removal of the Qvo6.com virus is absolutely necessary.

Removing The Virus

You do not need to be an IT expert to remove this virus; it is a fairly simple, three-step process:

1)    Uninstall Software(s)

Firstly, you must uninstall any software that could have caused the Qvo6 infection by following these steps: 

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click on Uninstall a Program.
  4. Search for anything related to Qvo6, including Delta Toolbar.
  5. One-by-one uninstall these programs by selecting them and clicking the Uninstall button.

2)    Remove Qvo6 From Web Browser

Given below are the steps for disabling the add-ons and re-setting the home page link for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

For Google Chrome:

To Remove the Add-on:

  1. Click on the Chrome Menu button located at the end of the address bar
  2. Click Settings, then click ‘Extensions’ on the left column
  3. Look for anything related to Qvo6, uninstall each of these by clicking on the Trash can picture

To Change the Home Page Link:

  1. Select Settings on the left column
  2. In the Appearance section, click Change and type in your new homepage address.
  3. Click OK

For Internet Explorer:

To disable the Add-on:

  1. Click on the Tools menu, and Select Manage Addons
  2. In the Manage Addons window, select Toolbars and Extensions from the Add-on Types column on the left
  3. Look for anything related to Qvo6, disable each of them by clicking on the Disable button on the bottom right
  4. Close the Manage Add-ons window

To change the Home Page link:

  1. Click on the Tools menu, and Select Internet Options
  2. In the General Tab, change the homepage address to a well-known and reliable search engine, such as Google.
  3. Click Apply, then OK

For Mozilla Firefox:

To remove the Add-on:

  • Click on Firefoxbutton at the top left, and Select Addons
  • On the Addons page, select Extensions from the column on the left
  • Uninstall anything related to Qvo6, by clicking on the Remove button

To change the Home Page link:

  • Click on the Firefox button, and Select Options
  • In the General Tab, enter the link to your desired homepage
  • Click OK

3)    Scan the System

Once you have successfully removed the virus, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly scan your PC using reliable anti-spyware software to reveal any possible vulnerability and remove any remaining traces of malware. Failure to do so could allow a lingering virus or spyware to seriously damage your system.

There you have it; a simple, easy removal of the Qvo6.com virus to ensure total protection for your PC.

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